January Check-In: It’s been awhile

Each month I’m going to do a check-in, as a way to chart my progress and assess where I’m at, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Laughing Gif

So maybe I have missed a few months. Last time I checked in I alluded to some of the hardships and time-consuming personal obligations that dominated the better portion of my 2017. Dealing with ill family members, family that had to move out of their longtime home in a dramatically short period of time and a host of other soul-crushing issues left zero time for self-care, fitness, and any real attention to how I ate. The only times I ever really thought about what I was going to eat played out typically in the same type of way.

“Oh shit, I need to grab something to eat before I go do these 100’s of tasks for the day. What can I grab on my way to the train/car/subway?”

The answer was always bagels. I’m so sick of bagels.  As 2017 gave way to a new year, like many folks I was excited by the symbolism the calendar change held. With many of these stifling obligations, at least in part, now behind me I looked with (very cautious) optimism towards a new opportunity to get my healthy habits back on track.

fuck 2017

The new year has not been all that bad, but it hasn’t been all that great. I try, most of the time, to be a bit more mindful in what I consume, but in all honesty I’ve splurged quite a bit. As January began to creep away I’d continue to find myself saying, “I’ll start on Monday” or “Tomorrow is when I get back on track so let me just eat this thing today.”

can't stop eating

These empty promises to myself persisted up until yesterday. With some motivation in my belly and the time to set a course of action, I mapped out an initial plan to press the health reset button in my life. I created a healthy meal plan for the week and researched some workout programs that would be good for beginners. [I’m starting from the ground up!] I decided on a program and started it yesterday, excited about following the next thirty days. I made myself some overnight oats to ensure I had some pretty nutritious food to eat and was excited for the week.

This morning I woke up and the previous night’s motivation still persisted. I grabbed my oats and preemptively logged the day’s food into MyFitnessPal. Then as I was riding a more-crowded-than-usual subway something hit me. I began to feel dizzy, nauseous and sweaty. The good thing was that if I passed out it wouldn’t have mattered because the subway was so pack with people I would have been standing in the same position. The bad thing was that I was certain I was coming down with something. At this point I’m just hoping it’s not… the flu!

Everything Hurts and I'm dying

Because I live in America and can’t afford to take days off my hope is that whatever this is will pass in the night (one can dream can’t they!) Even in this weakened and sickened state I’m still motivated to get back and start walking down this healthy path again.

At this point, I’d typically do my check-in criteria update. I haven’t been able to do much so I’ll try my best…

Check-in criteria.

Weight – Not the best indicator for progress, but one marker. How’d I do?

  1. July Check-In Weight – 224.6 lbs
  2. December Weight – 226 lbs!
  3. January – 223.6 lbs
    • Difference since the start = -1 lbs

Athletic Assessment –  

  1. First Athletic Assessment:
    1. 33 push-ups in 100 seconds
    2. 90 squats in 300 seconds
    3. 35 sit-ups in 300 seconds
  2. January Athletic Assessment
    1. I did 30 push-ups five days ago because I needed something to do while the shower water heated up
    2. I almost fell over picking up a pen the other day
    3. Yesterday’s workout was a simple stretch and my core feels like I did a 90 minute Pilates session

How you looking – To track any body changes, I’ll be taking a picture in the same outfit at the beginning of every month.

June 1 – First Picture:

June - Month 1

January Check-In Picture:

Liz Lemon toliet

How you feeling – Finally, how I’m feeling? Where is my head at? Am I feeling motivated or down? Has it been a tough month or has being healthy been easy?

January Check-In:

Flu Virus
Strong and Sick!


One thought on “January Check-In: It’s been awhile”

  1. I hope you’re not sick! I’m listening to Presto! on audio book and it’s FASCINATING. Penn Gillette is kinda insufferable, but damn if he didn’t lose 100 pounds and get off meds really fast on an (unusual) vegan diet. Check it out for interest. I couldn’t do it, but it’s still such an interesting concept.


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